Who is MaskUSA.com?

Global Aid Relief is the organization that operates this web site and runs the mask donation program offered through the web site. Founded during the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Global Aid has quickly become a trusted supplier to America’s health care workers and first responders, including policemen, nurses and doctors. Global Aid relies on its network of third- party manufacturers, shippers, and distributors and its principals’ years of import experience to ensure that the masks it orders get to those who need it as quickly and securely as it can under the circumstances.


What is MaskUSA.com’s?

To help supply fee masks and other protective medical supplies to those working in the frontline industries during this global Covid-19 pandemic.


What type of mask will I be purchasing?

We provide N95 and KN95 Masks sourced from the US and China.  All masks we import must be certified and meet US Food and Drug Administration standards, as well as Chinese export standards.


Are they any risks involved in this process?

Yes:  MaskUSA.com does not manufacture masks.  Instead, we rely on a network of third-party manufacturers, shipping agents, and distributors, including manufacturers in China.  These third-parties may require us to advance payment with our orders, and those payments may be lost if the third-party fails to perform its services.  If any of our manufacturers fail to fulfill orders or delay in filling orders, or any of our third-party shippers or distributors fail to deliver or deliver late for any reason, our shipments will be affected.  Likewise, events outside our control, including natural disasters, Acts of God, or any changes in laws, regulations or rules governing the manufacture, quality standards, certification, use and/or shipment or delivery of the masks may affect our ability to fulfill orders and/or continue this program.



For any additional questions please contact: customerservice@maskusa.com